Business Development

Whether you are only interested in certain business activities in China or need assistance for your already existing business in China, we can work for you project-related:

Sales: If you want to sell products in China on short-term, we take over the import and sales quickly and efficiently by including our own local network. We can also help you building long-term distribution structures and opening up of the market for your product.

Sourcing: We take care of your procurement in China, either project-related or as your long-term sourcing-agent. Geared to meet your specific requirements, we find the best supplier for your needs and choose them in consultation with you. Through specific audits, site visits, distribution of test samples and assistance in negotiating with the suppliers, we guarantee the additional value you're looking for in China.

Tradeshow Marketing: Successful Tradeshow Marketing can be like floating a trial balloon before entering the market and is also an efficient tool in the marketing mix of companies that are already active in China. We identify the most important fairs for your industry sector; organize exhibition material, booth staff and take care of possible exhibition models’ transport. During the fair, we support you in conversations, create memos and arrange additional meetings with potential clients and partners. During the follow-up, we create a comprehensive contact list and a detailed tradeshow report. Thus you gain a solid foundation for your next steps.