Tüschen & Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG

The engineering factory Tüschen & Zimmermann was founded in 1963 in a town called Lennestadt, located in Germany and is specialized in drive combinations for applications in underground mining. Torsionally flexible tz-couplings with length compensation, which allow the easy replacement of elastomers without the disassembling of the drive components, are an essential element of tz’s product line. A modular design principle ensures the adaptability with individual drive elements. The main application fields are the drive units of chain scrapers, plough systems, crushers and belt conveyors, hoists, pumps and other underground machinery. This system is not only limited to form-fitting couplings, it also includes the versatile application options of fluid couplings. The product line was extended through the development of brake and holding devices based on disc brake technology as well as chain tensioning devices for chain scrapers and plough systems. tz-brake combination systems became a standard element concerning the shutdown of belt conveyors and in view of the coasting security of chain scrapers and crushers.